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Below are some links to programs that could be of help if you have problems affording medications and other services that affect you health. 

Copay Assistance

Social Services

Have trouble with forms or confused about what programs you might qualify for? IRMC Physician Group Social Services may be able to help you. It is a free services provided to Indiana County residents and those residents who see health care provider(s) associated with IRMC. 

You can reach them by phone at 724-427-2763. 

If you would like us to put in a social services referral, then you may send our office a message by clicking here or discuss this at your upcoming appointment.  

Affording Your Medications

If you are having difficulty affording your medication, then help may be available. Many drug programs offer free or low-cost medication to those who are below a certain income (many of the maximum income thresholds are much higher than one would expect). If you are having issues, then please talk to one of our providers at your appointment!

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