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Help us help you make sure your insulin pump data is ready to go for your next visit at our medical practice. 



Creating a

t:connect Account:


The password you create should be something simple you’ll remember. 

**Please write username and password down and bring to office (or save in your phone).


A “Quick Start Guide” is included in your pump box.  


Click here for more information on how to install and get started with t:connect. 


If you have any questions please call customer support at 877-801-6901.

Uploading Your Pump (two ways):

Option 1 (preferred):

- Download T:connect Mobile App


- Follow the steps in the app to link your pump with the app


-If you have questions or run into problems, please call Tandem Diabetes' Customer Support


- As long as you are connected to Bluetooth and Wifi, then your pump will upload automatically to the T:connect "cloud" (so our providers will be able to see your data remotely and/or our staff will be able to print your reports without needing your pump). 




Option Two (uploading from home computer):


1. Login to your t:connect account

2. Install t:connect Uploader program (if you haven't already done this)

3. Plug your pump into your computer

4. Run the software

(to do this double-click on the t:connect Uploader program icon you installed on your computer and click "start upload")

Allowing our office to review your data:


In order for our staff to add your data to our Patient List, (to allow for remote viewing and downloading in-office) you will need to provide us with your consent. 

Please send us a message with the following information:

1. Name

2. Date of birth

3. T:connect username

4. T:connect password


*By providing us the above information, you are giving up consent to retrieve and review your t:connect data. 

Printing Reports:

1. Login to your t:connect account

2. Click on "Reports" at top of the page

3. Click on drop-down box on right of screen and select "Multi-report Save & Print"

3. Make sure that the "ending date" reflects the date that you uploaded your pump (ideally this would be the day before your appointment)

4. Make the following Selections by checking the boxes next to each:

  • Dashboard (2 weeks)

  • Therapy timeline (2 weeks)

  • Blood glucose trends (hourly report- 2 weeks- show lines)

  • CGM hourly (if using dexcom- 2 weeks)

  • Logbook (3 weeks)

  • Activity summary (2 weeks)

  • Device Settings


5. Click "Print" on bottom of Page (this will be about 15 pages)


Tandem’s 24/7 Customer Technical Support number 


 They are a great resource for any questions or concerns you have about pump operations. 


Please contact your health care team for any questions about blood glucose management, insulin dosing or diabetes emergencies.

medtronic insulin pump.jpg



Click here for PDF Instructions


Creating a Carelink Account:

1. Go to Carelink Website

2. From Welcome Screen, click the "Sign Up Now" button and select language. 

3. After you accept the terms of agreement, you'll be asked to create a username and password. 

4. Enter your personal information in all the required fields and click "Submit". 

* For more information on signing up/getting started go to CareLink-Getting-Started-Guide

Uploading Your Pump:

1. Login to your Carelink account

2. Click on "Upload Data from My Device"

3. Choose device and select "MiniMed Insulin Pump" and click "Next". 

4. The "Check Pump Status..." screen will appear, then click on "Next"

5. Select your pump type



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