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Help us help you make sure your CGM data is ready to go for your next appointment. 

FreeStyle Libre Link

Sharing Your Reports:


LibreView allows you to share glucose data with your healthcare providers.


You may either upload your reader data at home by creating a libreview account or by using the Libre2 app on your phone and following the below steps. 


If Using Phone App:

1. Open Libre 2 app

2. Touch "menu" drop-down button on top left of screen (looks like three lines)

3. Touch "connected apps"

4. Touch "connect" button next to "Libre View"

5. Touch "Connect to a practice"

6. Enter our practice ID, which is 7244631048

and then touch "next"

7. Our practice information should display. Select "connect" to allow sharing. 

8. Select "done". 

*Please make sure you remind our staff that you are using the libre on your phone at each follow-up visit. 


If Using Reader and Computer:

1. Create your LibreView Account at 

2. Log in to and navigate to "Account Settings" from the right navigation menu

3. From the "Account Settings" page, click on the "My Practices" tab.

4. Input the "Practice ID" and click "Add"

* Our Practice ID is 7244631048


If you have any questions please call customer support at 855-786-4263 or visit the "Support" section on

For updates on Libre Flash,

go to their website:

Please contact your health care team for any questions about blood glucose management, insulin dosing or diabetes emergencies.


Under Construction



Click here for PDF Instructions


Creating a Carelink Account:

1. Go to Carelink Website

2. From Welcome Screen, click the "Sign Up Now" button and select language. 

3. After you accept the terms of agreement, you'll be asked to create a username and password. 

4. Enter your personal information in all the required fields and click "Submit". 

* For more information on signing up/getting started go to CareLink-Getting-Started-Guide

Uploading Your Pump:

1. Login to your Carelink account

2. Click on "Upload Data from My Device"

3. Choose device and select "MiniMed Insulin Pump" and click "Next". 

4. The "Check Pump Status..." screen will appear, then click on "Next"

5. Select your pump type

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